New Article in Essential Herbal Magazine: November Issue!

current-issue-smallYet another exciting new issue of Essential Herbal is here, filled with recipes, stories and knowledge to prime us all for the upcoming winter!  Always, a big thank you to Tina Sams for including my contributions.

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This edition is particularly special as it features important words from renowned herbalist Rosemary Gladstar, on the Fire Cider trademark debacle.  I’m sure many herbalists have been poised and waiting to hear her impressions and what she has to say, and she couldn’t have articulated herself, her role, and her feelings any better– truly both deeply knowledgeable and, at the same time, admirably humble.  She has won at least one more herbalist’s vote!

I was also pulled deep into Jamie Jackson’s (of Missouri Herbs) article on the hardships and struggle of homesteading– not only on how it is important to feel accomplished in what you choose to do on your land, but to also be easy on yourself and leave room for joyful, relaxed moments.  I have been involved deeply in a variety of homesteading/organic farming community projects already in my sparse years, and I can highly relate to the emphasis of balance, feeling torn between “doing everything” and “doing nothing.”  Her article was wonderful, I loved her perspective on wanting to accomplish but to also just be happy.  Incredibly comforting!

Check out Jamie Jackson’s website, products, and work here: Missouri Herbs.

My own article, “Slow Medicine” is featured as well as several other sterling herbal jewels.  My contributed article is a “re-mix” of a previous post, you can find that here.


New Article in Essential Herbal’s April Issue!


The new Essential Herbal Magazine April issue is out!  
I must say, the cover is quite beautiful this month!  Artwork is by Carolina Gonzalez, a wonderful artist and healer of Afro-Latin traditions.  Check out her blog and shop, “Camino de Yara.”

This issue features my contributed article on Medicinal Mushrooms, and especially Lion’s Mane!  The issue is filled with lots of other good things– such as Companion Planting with Herbs, Rare Plants of the Ozarks (such as Ginseng), Lavender, the plight of our wild bee populations and more, written and contributed by many wonderful, knowledgeable herbalists!

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Essential Herbal Magazine is Out!

March/April Issue ~ Click Here to Visit Essential Herbal Magazine Website
March/April Issue ~ Click Here to Visit Essential Herbal Magazine Website

I am excited to announce that the latest issue of Essential Herbal Magazine is out… first published article on herbalism has been contributed and published, to boot!  I thank Tina Sams, Stephany Hoffelt and anyone else involved for the opportunity.  Click picture or link above to visit website, in order to get a subscription, purchase the current single issue, or to get a free sample!

Here is a link to the expanded version of the article contributed to the magazine: Herbalism in Iowa.