Dreamwork & Divinations


Aside from being an herbalist, I also do Astrology, I Ching, and Dreamwork readings.  I work for a large, growing company with other professionals, doing psychic readings for clients all over the world.


“Dreamwork” is basically dream interpretation.  When someone tells me about their dream, I can tell exactly where they are in life, what they are struggling with and the fears they face.  A lot of times, one can also see the way out, and even at times the conclusion to a series of events the clients latches onto in their waking life.  You have direct access to the person’s inner mythos and force of nature– which if you can read well, is more deadly accurate than any other tool for prognosis.

If you would like to have Dream Interpretation done, please feel free to email me with a dream or question about a dream.   For a fee of 15$, I will  give you an interpretation of about 2 paragraphs.  Follow up questions are another 15$ each.  I will send the interpretation to you as soon as I see the payment has gone through.

Email your dreams to:   deernationherbs@gmail.com

I also specialize in using the I Ching or Chinese Book of Changes as my principal tool.  In some ways similar to Tarot, I find the Changes to be filled with much more advice, pushing you to to take action and responsibility rather than just giving you a snapshot of your life and giving you suggestions.  I find it can respond to just about anything: work, life, love, destiny, marriage, family, travel, you name it.  I am an expert professional Astrologist, if you have any questions you wish answered that way.  Astrology chart interpretations will help me take a look at many parts of your personality and find some insight into your life.  Costs for each I Ching or Astrology reading are $15 each also.

Email your questions to: deernationherbs@gmail.com






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