Putting Things On Hold…For Now

The time has come for me to take a little hiatus on herbalism (writing about it, that is).

Iowa Prairie

For those of you who have been reading up on my herbalist stuff: no, I won’t be gone forever.

The end of 2016 has brought about some startling changes that will, inevitably, take me away from my computer in my free time.

The biggest change of all: my farmer husband William Lorentzen and I are starting our own organic farm!

We’re working with generous land donor, Steve Beaumont, and SILT (the Sustainable Iowa Land Trust) to begin work on 5 acres in the Driftless Area of Iowa in Garber, not all that far from Elkader. Over the years, this could expand into up to 20 acres of operation.

The farm itself is situated on the closest thing that could be called a mountain in Iowa: an enormous bluff with 360 degree panoramic views, probably the highest point in Clayton County.

The whole mountaintop is planted with native prairie that has been in place for over 15 years, but is now ready to produce some healthful food for the surrounding areas, too.

Iowa Mountaintop

Veggies and shiitake mushrooms (quite possibly oyster mushrooms as well) will be the farm’s specialty. Plans are to make all these healthful, organic foods available at markets in Dubuque, Cedar Rapids, and possibly even Cedar Falls – perhaps Iowa City as well. Restaurants and Co-ops may be on our sights at some point, too, and potentially a CSA as well.

The name? Oak Savanna Mushrooms and Veg will be our farm name. Make sure to check out the website, and there will certainly be updates there to come. (We also toy with the idea of planting some of the mountaintop with oaks on the northern exposure side, to truly restore it partially into all-natural oak savanna in areas where veggies will be harder to grow).

As such, my focus will turn on organic veggies, and how these healing plant foods that should be made available to everyone.

However, I do hope to graft traditional herbalism into these endeavors somehow, and someday, while still being able to make ourselves a living – and this may be part of my journey of discovery through next year’s process.

Maybe products, a CSA, or something similar can become a part of this operation. It will take a lot of experience and getting acquainted with what’s possible, and how the worlds of herbalism and organic farming can truly meet.

Driftless Iowa

So this means less musings, writings, recipes, and rantings about herbs, health, and everything in between for most of 2017. At least, that’s what I predict.

All my time will be dedicated to my freelance writing work on herbalism, health, organic agriculture, gardening, food, nutrition, and so much more. I’m even planning on getting my feet wet in the world of farm-funding grants, both private and federal.

Any other time I’ll have will be fully dedicated to get this farm up and going!

I’m also to be an up-and-coming herbalist-in-residence for a blossoming herbal products company with a focus on women’s health specifically. That should be exciting, and also keep me plenty busy, too.

It’s hard to tell if I’ll find some time to write an informative blog post here and there.

But who knows: one or two might still be able to make it out. We’ll see. I hope to pick the pen back up when I know how to properly combine my work in real life with writing in a way that enhances them both harmoniously.

So, until then: I’ll be on the Iowan mountaintop!


Homemade Herbal Medicine: Your Essential Guide to Herbs and DIY Remedies for Health and Healing

51HvApqVyBL._SX358_BO1,204,203,200_Working and collaborating with author Carmen Reeves over the traditional herbalist knowledge and research in her new book has been a rush and a joy.  I’m proud and happy to share her latest publication, Homemade Herbal Medicine, ranking as a #1 bestseller in the Herbs and Herbal Remedies category on Amazon as we speak!

Click here to check it out.  But first, I want to give my followers an opportunity to get this essential little guide for free.  

For only a couple more days yet, until December 5th, you can still get the Kindle version of this priming guide on at-home herbalism without paying a single cent.

You can also email Carmen Reeves directly, and in exchange for leaving her a good review, she will pass on to you a full PDF version of the E-book absolutely free!  Send an email to hello@carmabooks.com if interested.

This guide is what I could only call one of the most well-rounded, simple, and straightforward introductions to herbalism that I have seen in a long time.  For beginners new to herbalism, I really feel that the knowledge and research put into this book gives you the adequate perspective and skills in herbalism you need to do it safely and successfully.

For expert herbalists even, Homemade Herbal Medicine helps you narrow down and “hone” your herbal repertoire with the very best herbs out there.  Each herb selected in this book has been carefully researched and hand-picked for both traditional, folkloric reputation and scientific study alike!

I’m also in love with the designs and pictures of each individual herb.  The graphic designs add a very cozy, at-home feel which is perfect for learning the ropes to homemade, DIY herbalism.  The perfect package!

Thank you for following, and don’t hesitate to get in touch with Carmen.  More articles, updates, free e-books, and upcoming publications to arrive soon!

Adrian White, Herbalist and Writer

Herbalist Consultations Now Available!


IMG_1518Deer Nation herbalist Adrian White is now happy to provide educational Herbal Consultations!  If you have been looking for an alternative, natural approach to improving wellness in your personal life- and you live in the Eastern Iowa/Iowa City area- Adrian White is a mobile herbalist, nutrition expert and professional health and wellness writer willing to come to your home, or rendezvous with you elsewhere for consultation.

See how plant therapy and nutrition can apply to your life style, struggles, and overall wellness situation.  Adrian is also happy to host you for consultations in a cozy, country herbal apothecary loft and consulting space near Tipton, Iowa.

Issues I’d be happy to walk-through and tackle with you:

  • Anxiety/Mild depression support
  • Female Health
  • Menstrual support
  • Fertility support
  • Enhancing Immune System Support
  • Digestive Issues/Nutrition
  • Thyroid Support
  • …and more!

IMG_1956The consultation stems from an herbalist-based practice, but it does not end there.  I may recommend an herb, blend of herbs, or even a variety of vegetables, fruits, and wild foods for you – but consultations may also involve methods of life-coaching and nutrition.

Garden consulting can also be an educational part of my time with you, when the season is right.  I am an organic farmer/gardener of over 5 years, having been involved with local agricultural/farming community projects all around the country and here locally in Iowa (including Clinton Street Social Club, Echo Farm and CSA, and the Green Share CSA Coop).

Perhaps a certain vegetable or herb could be an integral part of improving wellness in your life.  I can then show a client how to grow certain vegetables or herbs, whether in their own backyards or their homes, to have access to it themselves and feel empowered in their own health.

paypal-deposit-buttonINITIAL CONSULTATION FEE: $50 per visit (products, recommendations, and other services may be extra).  Pay cash or online by clicking the link to the right.

Please contact me by emailing deernationherbs@gmail.com to schedule a consult.

*If these prices are too high, please, don’t be discouraged to reach out to me.  I will try to refer you or do for you what I can, with what you can offer.  Trades/Gifts/Donations accepted.



IMG_1564To me, herbs are the pumped-up version of “eat your vegetables.”  Herbs are foods that we should consider implementing into our diets more and more, in order to help our bodies reach the equilibrium that they have lost- even if we can only incorporate them in small increments.

Herbs are not medicines.  They can be called medicines, some support the healing process, and some have more dramatic effects than others.

But according to legalities and ways we view modern mainstream medicine, herbs simply cannot and do not fit with convention.  Herbs need their own category- not quite a medicine, not quite a supplement, and not quite a food.  In my practice, however, herbs are herbs.  The closest way to anything else in how they act on our bodies is much like a supplemented food, in a way.

I hope that one day herbs can be regulated completely different from food, supplements, AND medicine all together, but that is a story for another time.

Perhaps they don’t taste like french fries or ribeye.  But some herbalists could argue that our intolerance of the “less easy” tastes of bitter herbs and vegetables is what has caused our falling from grace from good health, especially in the Western World.

Coupled with good, healthy choices, persistence, nutrition, and optimism, adding herbs into your life can slowly but surely change around some of the most stubborn, deeply-ingrained health imbalances in your life.  Even better, it can prevent the very worst that could happen- even if it is already set in motion- from happening.

IMG_0374Fascinatingly enough, many of our mainstay culinary herbs were once used as healing additions to our meals.  Rosemary, Thyme, and Ginger were not just for taste.  They had noticeable effects on the body too in positive ways, through actions and chemical constituents that are observed even today by both folk tradition and modern science.

As an herbalist (and not to mention: farmer, gardener, and aspiring nutritionist), one of my greatest passions and goals is to bring together the infinite possibilities and myriad choices you can have when you combine herbs with healing foods.  It’s easy…and you can find or integrate that kind of healing in practically every recipe.

The choices and wealth of food and herbal knowledge out there is extensive and overwhelming.  That’s what herbalists are for.  Starting off with a consultation, a little session with me could get the ball rolling on some both tasty and healthy ideas to boost your health- and the rest of the work and magic is completely up to you.

Foraging Wild And Healing Foods: 30 Plants and Fungi For Wildcrafting and Wellness!

517Thag-5dL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_ It’s been a while since I’ve posted – and mostly because I’ve been deep, deep, deep in the world of freelance writing about all sorts of health, wellness, and healing topics related to food, herbalism, and so much more!

Which is why I’m excited to share with you one of my recent efforts, Foraging Wild and Healing Foods!  It was a delight and wonder to work with author Rodger Kinnard in collaborating and putting together some of the information that went into this compact and amazing guide, who then went on to furnish, write, and publish the final format.  You can find it published for paperback and E-book on Amazon – click here if you’re interested in having one all your own.

I didn’t design the cover, but can I just interject for a moment first that it is absolutely gorgeous!??

This book is amazing, as it brings us all one step closer to remembering that our food is our medicine and we can access it all ourselves at any time, all while feeling empowered.  Each plant entry not only describes how to identify it, where to find it and poisonous look-alikes- but also its traditional and researched healing effects, along with nutritional benefits.

Oh yes- and also, some nice tips on how to prepare the wild-foraged food (frying, marinading, boiling, blanching, etc.) so you can fully immerse your wildcrafting experience right there in your kitchen!

Herbalism, wildcrafting, and even the culinary arts are not so far apart from accessing personal healing, after all.  Food, along with herbs, are the keys to wellness and preventing illness…and this book helps us remember that.  A big thanks to Rodger Kinnard for my involvement- an amazing author who will have forthcoming, magnificent books in the future, I’m sure!

No, hopefully not all my blog posts from now on will be nothing but advertisements about my professional accomplishments and a severe lack of fun stuff.  But at the very least, I’m hoping that pushing this post out here for both Mr. Kinnard and myself will help me get back into the habit of churning out more.  In fact, I have one article soon to come, all about herbal Simple Syrups (I like to call them “Simpler’s Syrups”!) including recipes and stunning photos.

Stay tuned for more articles about herbal preparations, health benefits, discussions, recipes, and updates on what’s going on in my herbal world in Iowa.

Adrian White, Herbalist and Writer