Adrian White, Deer Nation Herbalist

IMG_2278For information, inquiries, questions, writing services, interest in an herbal consultation, custom formulas, products, participation in upcoming food/farming projects, or even for access to locally-grown organic produce, please email Adrian:

Adrian White is a certified herbalist of 4 years through two programs, and a professional health, wellness, nutrition, food, agriculture, gardening, sustainability, and herbalism freelance writer and expert of 5 years.

An organic farmer and gardener of 7 years and counting, she has studied and practiced herbal healing and organic growing since 2009, both independently and with stellar teachers- a study which has led her through many environments such as southern Oregon, Appalachia, the Southwest, South America, and the Midwest.

Today, she continues her health and herbalist education through intense research on botanical therapies, health studies, nutrition modalities, and integrative medicine through her article and writing work.

Her herbalist practice extends to East Central Iowa, Iowa City, Tipton, West Branch, Mt. Vernon, Solon, West Liberty, and the surrounding areas.  If you are interested in a educational herbal consultation to learn more about herbs and how they could improve your health, feel free to visit her Consultations page.

Using herbs, food, and “food as herbs, herbs as food” to educate and improve how people handle their health is Adrian White’s single specialty and passion.  

IMG_1257She has fashioned herself through many disciplines into a “Green Writer,”​ with multiple, inter-connected passions bridging the worlds of Food, Gastronomy, Agriculture, Health, Medicine, Herbalism, Sustainability, and the Slow Food Movement.

Combining her herbalist knowledge, writing experience, and research on health with her passion for growing food and nutrition, it’s taken her practically no time to groom herself into a health/wellness expert and herbalist with a wholly unique approach.

As a freelance health and wellness writer, Adrian White’s writing, expertise, and content – ranging from basic health and nutritional topics like hypothyroidism and autoimmunity all the way to wild edibles and herbal healing – has found its way into many publications and e-books all over the web, with pieces found on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.  

In her first half year of health writing alone, Adrian White contributed to a dozen e-books published on multiple platforms, many of them Amazon bestsellers right now or in the past. Her published articles can be found all over the web, many high-ranked in their categories, and she has also contributed articles to The Essential Herbal Magazine – the #1 Herbalist magazine in the country.

She is at present a regular writer and contributor to the Gardener’s Path and – online sister websites and guides for gardening, culinary, and natural lifestyles.  

Adrian White’s Experience

10252102_474479062682263_79191558155035276_nAt the University of Minnesota Morris, Adrian White was a pioneering member for the college’s first Organic Gardening Club, allocating on-campus land for the purpose of growing healthy, nutrient dense vegetables for college food service cafeterias.

She was also a working intern for the Buy Fresh, Buy Local campaign chapter in her county in Minnesota.

Adrian White conducted and completed a 4-month long internship with thesis in Southern Ecuador at a community farm, learning native culture, Latin American culture, and native, sustainable, and biodynamic farming practices in 2009 through the University.  While there, she developed a close apprenticeship with the farm’s lead manager, and served as assistant manager as well as Spanish interpreter for visiting volunteers.

IMG_1214Her studies and desire to learn organic agricultural practices continued on with her return to the United States.  Adrian White learned CSA management and microgreen production at projects near Houston, Texas; infrastructure and farm start-up in Northern California; animal husbandry and mushroom cultivation in North Carolina; as well as basic tenets of organic vegetable production in all these places and more, such as Oregon and Minnesota.

During her educational travels, her passion for herbalism sparked in Sonoran Arizona, and became solidified at Debbie Lukas’s permaculture farm and herbalist practice at the Frog Farm near Takilma, Oregon.

Today Adrian White lives in Eastern Iowa, where she first worked as Field and Pack-Shed Manager, CSA Administrator, and Web Master at Echollective Farm & CSA for 3 years – a business she still remains connected to and involved in today.

With family ties to Latin America and Ecuador, Adrian White’s ever-increasing interest in health and healing traditions drew her to a background in Traditional Native-Hispanic Herbalism (THH).  In 2012, she began distance study under curandero Charles Garcia, through the California School of Traditional Hispanic Herbalism, moving through his beginning and intermediate classes to the completion of a majority of his teachings.

In 2013, she apprenticed to Iowa City community herbalist Stephany Hoffelt, who holds AHG (American Herbalists’ Guild) Membership and a degree in Ethnobotany and Clinical Herbalism at Goddard College.  Adrian White studied all aspects of Traditional Western Herbalism, Plant Identification, Energetics, Anatomy/Physiology, Nutrition, Formulation, Preparations, and a Materia Medica of 100+ plants, completing the apprenticeship November of 2013.

IMG_1564Adrian White lives a half hour northeast of Iowa City near Tipton, nestled in a cozy old country house seated on 80+ acres of Iowan woods- full of oaks, evergreens, countless plants, coyotes, and deer.  She makes frequent migrations to the Driftless Region of northeastern Iowa for trout fishing and harvesting the wildest of Iowa’s healing herbs.

Along with her writing career and herbalist practice, she is in the process of planning a “Health and Wellness” CSA that will provide the very best in both food and herbs, all with an angle for health education.

Currently, she is a cooperative grower through the Green Share LLC of collective organic produce growers in Iowa City – and has grown produce for local Iowa City restaurant Clinton Street Social Club.

Like any good herbalist will tell you, Adrian White will never consider her herbalist education over or complete.  There is an amazing body of knowledge, culture, wisdom, research, and empirical skill to learn, and many different cultural origins, practices, and practitioners to learn from- not to mention countless plants and new discoveries in herbalism and research every day.

She considers herself still far from done with her learning, and will always be on the lookout for potential teachers – while continuing her driven education through all her health, wellness, and herbalist writings and research.

For information, inquiries, questions, writing services, interest in an herbal consultation, custom formulas, products, participation in upcoming food/farming projects, or even for access to locally-grown organic produce, please email Adrian:


7 thoughts on “Adrian White, Deer Nation Herbalist

  1. I just discovered your blog while following my own trail with plant medicines…they have once again taken my hand and are leading me to information like yours. I recently was introduced to sweet gale, and mullein has taken up residence in my yard. It’s amazing how listening is so important, but not something we all learn. Thanks for your insightful knowledge. Lisa


  2. a single sumac showed up on out property years ago. I loved its tropical appearance and now I have quite a stand of them. I frequently have to cut them down or they would take over the whole place, so i was looking for some use for them, when i stumbled on your site. As fate would have it, my brother is coming to visit, with an abcessed tooth! So happy to have found the information and experiences you have shared…thank you! Did you cure his tooth with a berry tincture or bark? Is the bark medicinally from older trees or young shoots? There are berries on the trees now….when are they ready for harvesting? Thank you!


    1. Thank you for reading, Rachael! I’m so glad to hear that you have found a love of sumac like I have (and yes, they do have a tropical appearance that I’ve always loved).

      I gave this friend of mine a tincture of both bark and berry to use. I took the whole drupe, berries and twigs and all (without removing the berries from the actual branching part) and macerated all of it in alcohol (grinding it up beforehand helps with extraction). This has to be from the mature plant as a rule.

      The berries are ready as soon as they are all bright red, really. When you touch them and rub them between your fingers there should be a powdery-oily residue, and that way you know they’re ready. If you live in the Midwest they’re ready to harvest right now! Good luck!


      1. Thank you, Adrian for sharing your knowledge! So the tincture should be used internally? Or as a poultice on the tooth?


      2. Straightaway on the tooth is best. Tincture may be diluted in water and used as a mouthwash or gargle, then spat out after rinsing. It works wonders! Sumac is also really good for keeping bacteria levels in the mouth at a healthy level, and keep gums and teeth clean.

        Thanks again for reading Rachel 🙂


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